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“It’s from the lazi­est mus­cle in the an­i­mal,” says Gray. “So it has less fat but also less flavour, and it’s very ten­der.” It’s also tra­di­tion­ally ex­pen­sive. Con­sider serv­ing with gar­lic but­ter to add some punch.


“This will be per­fectly mar­bled with fat all the way through. For me, it has the most flavour,” says Gray. Rib­eye also works well on a bar­be­cue, if you trust your­self to cook it prop­erly.


The one with the big strip of fat along the side. “It has min­i­mal mar­bling, so you’ll ren­der the fat first,” says Gray. “Get your tongs and hold your steak fat-side down on the pan.” You’ll use less oil and get more flavour.


The cheap­est cut, but also the tough­est – it comes from the back end of the cow, where the work is done. One of the more flavour­ful cuts, it’s bet­ter cooked for slightly longer than rib­eye or sir­loin.

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