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MF’s sci­ence-ap­proved guide to lift­ing your li­bido to in­cred­i­ble new heights – the most nat­u­ral, healthy and ef­fec­tive way pos­si­ble

If you’re a healthy guy, get­ting an erec­tion – and main­tain­ing it for as long as nec­es­sary – shouldn’t be a problem. But it is be­com­ing a problem. In some cases, a big one. A re­cent study in the Jour­nal Of Sex­ual Medicine found that the age at which men are di­ag­nosed with erectile dys­func­tion (ED) has fallen and con­tin­ues to fall. In fact, re­searchers re­ported that about 25% of new pa­tients show­ing signs of erec­tion prob­lems are un­der age 40, and al­most half of them have what is clas­si­fied as “se­vere ED” – which means they ba­si­cally can’t get it up at all.

And though there are count­less bo­gey­men to blame for this mass plum­met­ing of sex­ual prow­ess – stress, obe­sity, de­pres­sion, booze – there is one thing we know for a fact: many of to­day’s young men can blame their flac­cid­ness on their di­ets. If you eat a lot of fried foods or du­bi­ous take­aways, the chances are they’re clog­ging up your ar­ter­ies to a level more com­mon in the over-60s.

But even if your sex life isn’t suf­fer­ing, you can al­ways get bet­ter – just as in the gym, ev­ery­one wants to go harder for longer. And it all be­gins with eat­ing right.

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