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It’s not even en­try-level in Olympic gym­nas­tics, but it’s one of the most im­pres­sive things you can do in a gym and it takes se­ri­ous strength, con­trol and co-or­di­na­tion. “You’re es­sen­tially start­ing at the top of a dip, rolling over the rings and then pulling back into the start po­si­tion by do­ing a very con­trolled form of mus­cle-up,” says Stark. So the strict mus­cle-up is a pre­req­ui­site. Once you’ve nailed that, here’s how to do the move. Start in the top sup­port po­si­tion (see p93) , then raise your hips as you lower into a dip. Your hips should be higher than your shoul­ders as you reach the bot­tom of the dip. Keep­ing your arms bent, main­tain a false grip and keep the rings close to your chest as you al­low your head to roll un­der the rings. When your hips start drop­ping, fight to keep your feet high. Go straight into a mus­cle-up to re­turn to the sup­port po­si­tion.

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