Add these dead­lift-friendly moves to your plan to en­sure you’re strong in ev­ery part of the lift

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WHY This ex­er­cise fo­cuses on the hip hinge move­ment, which is at the heart of the dead­lift. It’s also a good warm-up move to get your neu­ral sys­tem primed and ready to lift heavy. HOW Swing a ket­tle­bell back be­tween your legs with only a slight bend in your knees. Bring your hips through pow­er­fully and raise the ket­tle­bell to shoul­der height.


WHY Do this to fo­cus on your ham­string strength in a rel­a­tively safe way. Your ham­strings are the key mus­cle group in the dead­lift.

HOW Stand up straight, hold­ing a bar­bell with hands shoul­der-width apart. Hinge at the hips to send the bar down your thighs un­til you feel a strong stretch in your hams, then straighten up.


WHY This vari­a­tion of the lift will force you to re­duce the weight but be­cause the wide grip makes it more dif­fi­cult, your back mus­cles have to work ex­tra hard to con­trol the weight. HOW Take a dou­ble shoul­der-width grip and per­form a nor­mal dead­lift. Make sure the bar stays close to your body through­out the lift.

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