Ditch th­ese lifts, says Ul­ti­mate Per­for­mance founder Nick Mitchell

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1 One-arm­curls

“I don’t like any al­ter­nat­ing dumb­bell bi­ceps move be­cause you get far too much rest between reps,” says Mitchell. “Do them as a drop set when fa­tigu­ing, but al­ways start by curl­ing with both arms.”

2 Bench­press

“If you bench press prop­erly, you pri­mar­ily work your an­te­rior delts and tri­ceps that’s a biome­chan­i­cal fact. So it’s im­pos­si­ble for most peo­ple to get a full and hard con­trac­tion of the pecs when bench press­ing. Do ring press-ups in­stead.”

3 Front raise

“Your front delts get worked in ev­ery press­ing lift from flat bench to stand­ing over­head press. I’ve never seen any­one with un­der­de­vel­oped front delts com­pared with their side and rear delts, so in­stead of front raises do lat raises and re­verse flyes.”

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