Be smarter with supps

Pop th­ese pills in the hour be­fore train­ing for more ef­fec­tive work­outs

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1 Caf­feine

Caf­feine helps you train harder for longer be­cause it re­duces pain and de­lays fa­tigue. A Univer­sity of Illi­nois study found that tak­ing 5mg per kilo of body­weight (equiv­a­lent to two to three cups of cof­fee) an hour be­fore the gym did the job.

2 Green tea ex­tract

It’s packed with a com­pound called EGCG, which has been shown to in­crease en­ergy ex­pen­di­ture by re­leas­ing stored body fat for fuel. The de­sired dose is up to 1,000mg – the same as five cups of green tea, so a supp might be eas­ier.

3 L-argi­nine

This amino acid is the key pre­cur­sor to ni­tric ox­ide, which opens up blood ves­sels to give you a bet­ter “pump” when lift­ing. A study in the Jour­nal Of Strength And Con­di­tion­ing Re­search also found it stim­u­lates the re­lease of growth hor­mone.

4 Beta-ala­nine

It’s found in many pre-work­out for­mu­las be­cause it en­ables you to lift heav­ier for longer by pre­vent­ing the ac­cu­mu­la­tion of hy­dro­gen ions in mus­cle cells, which is what causes fa­tigue. It’s best taken 30 min­utes be­fore train­ing.

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