Eat egg yolks for higher T lev­els

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To build mus­cle and burn fat faster, and im­prove your chances of fa­ther­hood, ditch the egg-white omelettes for whole eggs. That’s be­cause yolks, like oily fish, are one of only a few sources of di­etary vi­ta­min D. New re­search from the Euro­pean So­ci­ety of En­docrinol­ogy has found that men with higher vi­ta­min D lev­els have a higher lev­els of the pri­mary male sex hor­mone testos­terone, as well as im­proved se­men qual­ity and fer­til­ity out­comes. Vi­ta­min D lev­els are topped up by reg­u­lar sun ex­po­sure, but up to 80% of Euro­peans have low lev­els.

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