Whether you’re do­ing HIIT or step­ping into the ring, throw­ing harder punches is about tech­nique and ef­fi­ciency. Manuwa’s here to give you your shots

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The most ba­sic punch in box­ing, and Manuwa uses it to ma­noeu­vre op­po­nents into po­si­tions that al­low him to hit them harder. Stand slightly side-on, step for­ward with your left foot as you throw, and twist your hips slightly as you throw it to head height. And for now, keep your hands up between punches. “Are you pro­tect­ing your­self while you throw it?” asks Manuwa. “You don’t al­ways have to have your hands up, you can be un­ortho­dox, but learn­ing when that works takes ex­pe­ri­ence.”


The power punch: slower to land than the jab, but harder with it – Manuwa used his to hurt top con­tender Ovince Saint Preux at UFC 204 be­fore put­ting him away with his trade­mark left. To throw it, twist on the ball of your back foot (your right for an ortho­dox fighter) like you’re crush­ing a cig­a­rette, twist­ing your hips into the punch. “Once you’ve got the hang of it, try to watch your­self do­ing it,” says Manuwa. “Where are you start­ing and fin­ish­ing? How does it feel? Tweak it to fit you.”


Manuwa’s knockout punch: he used it to put away The Ul­ti­mate Fighter win­ner Corey An­der­son in the first round of their Fight Night bout in March. Keep­ing your lead el­bow at a slight an­gle, twist your body and throw this one thumb-up for power, or palm-down for range. “Work on throw­ing it as a body shot,” says Manuwa. “When you’re shad­ow­box­ing, try slip­ping an imag­i­nary punch and throw­ing it to the ribs.”

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