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Manuwa uses full-body move­ments to build all-round power for the Oc­tagon. Get stronger with this clas­sic dou­ble whammy


Reps 6

Sets 4

Rest the bar against the back of your shoul­ders – not on your neck – and hold it us­ing an over­hand grip, hands slightly wider than shoul­der-width apart. Keep your el­bows point­ing down. Your feet should be a lit­tle more than shoul­der-width apart, with your toes point­ing out­wards slightly. Squat un­til your thighs are at least par­al­lel to the floor. The deeper you can squat, the bet­ter. Drive back up through your heels to re­turn to the start po­si­tion.


Reps 6

Sets 5

Grip a bar with your hands roughly shoul­der­width apart. Drive through your heels to lift it off the floor, then, as it passes your knees, use your hips to drive up and lift the bar ex­plo­sively. Catch it at your chest. When all your reps are done, ei­ther put the bar in the rack to get ready for your squats, or push press it over­head and lower it.

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