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For a bet­ter bench, the set-up is key: set up with your hands wide enough to leave your arms at a roughly 45° an­gle from your sides, with your fore­arms ver­ti­cal as you press. “Get a hand-off from a spot­ter if you can,” says Dowey. “This’ll al­low you to pull your shoul­der blades to­gether be­hind you be­fore you take the bar, giv­ing you a more sta­ble base to press from.” And when you’re press­ing up, drive the bar back to­ward your face as you push the bar off your chest in­stead of driv­ing the bar straight up. This makes the lift more ef­fi­cient be­cause it keeps the bar di­rectly over your shoul­ders – where press­ing is eas­ier – for more of the lift.

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