The Get Big and Lean Train­ing Plan

Trans­form your body in just 28 days by adding lean mus­cle mass and torch­ing body fat fast

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To make big changes to how you look with your top off, you need to make a big ef­fort and give it ev­ery­thing you’ve got. This four-week train­ing plan is de­signed to help you train smarter so ev­ery minute spent in the gym is mov­ing you closer to the body you want by build­ing lean mus­cle mass and torch­ing ex­cess body fat. Fol­low it for four weeks and see how much your body changes for the bet­ter.


This four-week train­ing plan has been de­signed to be easy to fol­low and highly ef­fec­tive in help­ing you add mus­cle and burn fat fast. To achieve that goal, sim­ply do the fol­low­ing four body part-fo­cused work­outs each week – stick­ing to the ex­er­cises, sets, reps, tempo (see panel, right) and rest pe­ri­ods de­tailed – for a month.

The first work­out of each week tar­gets your chest and tri­ceps, the sec­ond your back and bi­ceps, the third your legs and abs, and the fourth your shoul­ders. This ap­proach will en­sure all your ma­jor mus­cle groups are trained hard each week and will cre­ate the Ideal metabolic en­vi­ron­ment for your body to lay down new mus­cle tis­sue while burn­ing ex­cess fat.

All the four weekly work­outs are made up of five moves, per­formed as straight sets. This means you do all the sets of move 1, then move on and do the same for move 2 and so on. Be­cause this lift­ing ap­proach gives you time to rest between sets it’s im­por­tant you not only stick to the sets, reps, tempo and rest pe­ri­ods in­di­cated, but also lift as heavy as you can with­out com­pro­mis­ing form. This will en­able you to make big physique changes fast.


To get the full ef­fect from th­ese work­outs, you need to stick to the four-digit tempo code for each ex­er­cise. The first digit in­di­cates how long in sec­onds you take to lower the weight, the sec­ond how long you pause at the bot­tom of the move, the third how long you take to lift the weight, and the fi­nal digit how long you pause at the top. X means that part of the move should be done ex­plo­sively. The ac­cu­mu­lated time un­der ten­sion in­creases your heart rate to burn fat and break down mus­cle tis­sue so it’s re­built big­ger and stronger. Keep each rep smooth and con­trolled so your mus­cles – not mo­men­tum – do the work.

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