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Where do you record the tasks you have to do? Per­haps some of them are emails marked un­read or flagged, with more on Post-Its or in a notebook, while still more are in some kind of to-do list app. This is a com­mon mis­take. The more places you have for your notes, the harder it will be to iden­tify what you need to fo­cus on right now.

Get a piece of pa­per and write down all the things you have to do as they come to your mind. Start with what you have to do to­day, this week and so on, and con­tinue as far ahead in time as you feel is help­ful. De­cide where you will keep all your to-do tasks from now on. It doesn’t mat­ter if this is a dig­i­tal tool such as Out­look, or a notebook, or even sticky notes on a board. Once all your tasks are in one place you will in­stantly know what needs to be done and when – and that you are not miss­ing any­thing cru­cial or ur­gent.

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