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Im­prov­ing your habits should be re­garded as a project like any other. So your first task is to de­cide on eight half-hour time slots when you will work on your struc­ture project – like meet­ings, just with your­self. The first slot is the one in which you sched­ule the next seven, so con­grat­u­la­tions, you’re al­ready on track!

In this first meet­ing, find a way to re­ward your­self as you progress through the pro­gramme. If there’s some gad­get or thing you want, make a voucher, di­vide it into eight to­kens and give your­self a to­ken ev­ery time you com­plete a sec­tion. Or have a vis­i­ble dis­play where you mark off the points. One of my clients got a box of ex­tra-large matches and wrote a sub-goal on ev­ery one of them. For ev­ery goal she at­tained, she lit the match and en­joyed the sense of ac­com­plish­ment while the match burned out.

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