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By do­ing this you will have re­alised a lot of things about the way you work and it will give you a very im­por­tant struc­ture tool: fore­sight. If you can cre­ate an on­go­ing rou­tine that works for you, you’ll be able to an­tic­i­pate up­com­ing events. De­cide how of­ten you need to pause and re­view your list and categories, when to do this so it works best for you (Fri­days so you can “close” the week and re­lax over the week­end, or Mon­days to start the week proac­tively?), and sched­ule these slots in. Cre­ate a check­list of what you’ll go through dur­ing them. You’ll find this gives you more lat­i­tude – which means you won’t be caught out by im­mi­nent dead­lines and you’ll be less likely to fin­ish things at the last minute.

Su­per Struc­tured: How To Over­come Chaos

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