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Check­ing tasks off your list reg­u­larly lets you ex­pe­ri­ence the rush of hav­ing taken an­other step and ac­com­plished some­thing. But most peo­ple have some tasks that re­main on the list for days, weeks or even months. They just sit there, fer­ment­ing and brew­ing frus­tra­tion, and I re­fer to them as “millstones”. Ev­ery time you see them un­com­pleted, you feel dis­heart­ened and the list loses some value. Plus the longer you put these off, the harder it is to get started.

Find your millstones and for each one, for­mu­late the next pos­si­ble step as a to-do task. Make it small, so small that you feel al­most em­bar­rassed to write it on your to-do list, and then it will be easy to do and you will be on your way, feel­ing mo­ti­vated – which is much bet­ter than stuck and pas­sive. You could even get such a boost that you feel like tack­ling one or more ev­ery day.

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