Strength­en­ing your abs, obliques and lower back will make ev­ery move you do more ef­fi­cient. Add this cir­cuit, cre­ated by trainer Adam Wake­field, to the end of your rou­tine twice a week

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07 Row­ing plank

“Fas­ten a re­sis­tance band ahead of where you’ll be plank­ing,” says Wake­field. “Take the band in one hand and get into a plank with that arm fully ex­tended in front of you. Pull it to­wards your ribs for five to eight reps, then switch sides.”

08 Gym ball tuck

“Put your shins on a gym ball that’s slightly be­low waist height, then get into a plank po­si­tion. Keep­ing your up­per body and core as sta­ble as you can, tuck your knees to­wards your chest and squeeze your abs. Then re­turn back to the start.”

09 Stir-the-pot

“First, get into a plank po­si­tion with your el­bows on a gym ball. Once you’re there, move the ball in cir­cles us­ing your arms – five reps one way and five the other. Fi­nally, ‘saw’ the ball back­wards and for­wards ten times with­out stop­ping.”

10 Side plank ro­ta­tion

“From a stan­dard side plank po­si­tion, lower your top arm un­der the armpit of the arm that’s on the floor. Reach as far be­hind you as you can by ro­tat­ing your hips, then re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion. Aim for eight to ten reps on each arm, then add weight.”

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