Match your grip to your move­ments, and let the gains be­gin

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19 Over­head press THUMB-FREE

There’s a rea­son it’s called the “sui­cide grip” in bench press­ing but in the over­head press, wrap­ping your fin­gers and thumb around the same side of the bar shifts your fore­arms to a more favourable an­gle and makes press­ing eas­ier. Get used to it.

20 Dead­lift MIXED

One palm fac­ing for­wards, one back­wards will strengthen your grip and let you haul more weight. Make sure you’re keep switch­ing the hand that faces for­wards to keep things bal­anced – and brace your­self against the weight be­fore you pull to safe­guard your bi­ceps.

21 Power moves THE HOOK

It hurts but it works… and it’s how Olympic weightlifters shift huge loads. Tuck your thumb un­der your first two fin­gers. “It se­cures the bar much bet­ter and leads to higher loads lifted long term,” says Adam­son. “Any­one who lifts should use it.” It’ll also im­prove your dead­lift.

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