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Store-bought turkey burg­ers are no­to­ri­ously dry, but our ver­sion adds grilled onion for flavour and tex­ture, tomato for rich­ness and mois­ture, and a dou­ble shot of umami with soy and Worces­ter­shire sauces. Just don’t over­cook. “Most peo­ple cook turkey way past the point of no re­turn,” says Chris Si­versen, chef and owner of Burg in Ne­wark, New Jersey. “If us­ing thigh meat, it stays a lit­tle pink nat­u­rally, which doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean it’s un­der­cooked.”


1 large onion, diced and then grilled 680g turkey mince, freshly ground if pos­si­ble, and prefer­ably from thighs 2tbsp tomato paste or purée 2tsp soy sauce ½tsp Worces­ter­shire sauce


Tra­di­tional top­pings of your choice (such as coleslaw, pic­tured)


Mix the turkey, onion and other in­gre­di­ents. Form into four 2cmthick pat­ties, in­dent­ing the cen­tres. Re­frig­er­ate for 30 min­utes to firm them up. Cook un­til the mid­dles are opaque, about four min­utes each side. Serve on a toasted muf­fin.

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