How to break through a mus­cle growth plateau

Fol­low these tips from Ul­ti­mate Per­for­mance CEO Nick Mitchell to get your gains back on track

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Are you for­ever tin­ker­ing with your ex­er­cise plan? Take a step back and re-fo­cus on qual­ity train­ing, nu­tri­tion and re­cov­ery. It’s amaz­ing how quickly you start grow­ing again with a con­sis­tent ap­proach to the three key el­e­ments. Are you train­ing hard enough, of­ten enough? Are you eat­ing enough, and not skip­ping meals? And are you get­ting enough sleep? Fo­cus on those and stop over­think­ing it.


If you’re sure you’re do­ing all the lit­tle things right but have stopped grow­ing, take a week off. That’s right – a whole week away from the gym. Do some ac­tive re­cov­ery, so walk more or go for a swim, but don’t lift weights and don’t count calo­ries. It might just be that your mind and body need some time out to con­sol­i­date your ex­ist­ing gains be­fore grow­ing again.


An­other likely cause of a plateau is that you’re not eat­ing enough pro­tein. If you cur­rently eat 2g per kg of body­weight of pro­tein ev­ery day, try a week at 3g/ kg from high-qual­ity food. If you feel stronger and put on mus­cle, great. It may be from the ex­tra pro­tein or sim­ply from eat­ing more calo­ries but that doesn’t mat­ter – you’re grow­ing again and that’s what counts!

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