Make los­ing fat easy with this 10-minute bar­bell com­plex

Burn away your belly by get­ting to grips with this six-move bar­bell cir­cuit

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A bar­bell is an ideal tool for build­ing mus­cle and strength be­cause it al­lows you to lift more weight than other bits of kit. But it also of­fers fat-burn­ing ben­e­fits too – if you start us­ing one smartly, like in this high-in­ten­sity bar­bell com­plex work­out. A bar­bell com­plex is when you per­form var­i­ous moves in a se­quence with­out putting down the bar. Do­ing them will im­prove car­dio fit­ness and torch fat, while al­most any bar­bell lift will test your co-or­di­na­tion and grip.

The stan­dard Olympic bar is 7ft (2.13m) long and weighs 20kg, mean­ing you can do this work­out with just the bar alone to get your heart rate high and mo­bilise fat stores to burn. And the best part? You can keep making the cir­cuit harder by adding light plates to the bar each week un­til you blitz your belly for good.

Do this work­out with an empty bar. Once that be­comes too easy, add light weight plates and keep pro­gress­ing from there.

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