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“Dry sand is a soft, low-im­pact but chal­leng­ing sur­face to run on, which makes it a re­ally tough yet ef­fec­tive re­sis­tance style ses­sion,” says Dixon.


The soft sur­face sig­nif­i­cantly re­duces the im­pact on your joints, con­nec­tive tis­sues and mus­cles, which can all take a se­vere pound­ing when you run pre­dom­i­nantly on the road. “Dry sand still of­fers a re­ally tough run – it’s an un­even sur­face and your feet want to sink into the sand with ev­ery stride, and the faster you run the harder it is to main­tain that pace,” says Dixon. “So it’s a real lung-busting ses­sion that’s great for im­prov­ing leg and joint strength. Try a shorter Fartlek-style ses­sion: af­ter a thor­ough warm-up push the pace for one to three min­utes, then slow down and jog to get your breath back, then push on again. Do this for 3-5km for a re­ally ef­fec­tive work­out.”

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