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“Run­ning on com­pacted wet sand al­lows you to run fast and hard with­out the same jar­ring im­pact on your joints you get from con­crete,” says elite run­ner and coach Shaun Dixon (lets­getrun­ning.com).


Un­less you’re on a huge stretch of coast­line you’re not go­ing to be chalk­ing up huge mileage (with­out run­ning re­peat­edly back and forth). In­stead use your time to work on speed and tech­nique. “The smooth and soft sur­face gives the op­tion to whip off your shoes and prac­tise run­ning bare­foot – top ath­letes in­clude bare­foot sprints to help them prac­tise a fast, nat­u­ral run­ning tech­nique,” says Dixon. “The sur­face is great to run ‘strides’, which are fast but re­laxed sprints. Af­ter a ten-minute warm-up, run six to eight strides of around 20 sec­onds with a one-minute re­cov­ery jog be­tween them.”

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