Men's Fitness - - 14-Day Abs Blast -

Your nu­tri­tion plan for the next 14 days should be based on qual­ity sources of lean pro­tein (fish, chicken and turkey are very high in pro­tein and other es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents yet low in calo­ries), red meat (such as beef and veni­son) and plenty of fresh and var­ied veg. Carbs are not off the menu en­tirely, but make sure you stick to nat­u­ral sources, such as rice and sweet pota­toes, rather than heav­ily pro­cessed bread and pasta, and con­cen­trate your carb in­take af­ter your train­ing ses­sions. The more of your meals that are a fist­ful of lean pro­tein and lots of veg, the faster you’ll lose fat.

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