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Start adding mus­cu­lar size and strength fast with th­ese key lifts

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Dumbbell pull-over

It’s one of the few moves to work your chest and back at once. On a bench, grip the weight with both hands and lower it be­hind your head. Pull it back in an arc un­til it’s above your chest.

Gym ball ham curl

Any move that uses just your body­weight and a gym ball is easy, right? Wrong. This ham curl vari­a­tion is any­thing but, es­pe­cially when you do one leg at a time. Get into po­si­tion then bring the ball to­wards your bum, keep­ing your core tight. A set of 12 reps will have your hams on fire.

Box jump

Are you avoid­ing box jumps be­cause you think they’re too hard or too easy? Ac­tu­ally, it doesn’t mat­ter – just do them and you’ll build ex­plo­sive power and leg strength. Start low and fo­cus on good form, be­cause qual­ity reps count over quan­tity, then in­crease the height grad­u­ally.

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