Don’t fear fat

If you want to lose weight, don’t ditch fat

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If you want to lose fat one of the worst things you can do is stop eat­ing it, es­pe­cially nu­tri­ent-packed sources such as av­o­cado. High-qual­ity fats are es­sen­tial to op­ti­mal health, not least the pro­duc­tion of mus­cle-build­ing and fat-burn­ing testos­terone. “What­ever nu­tri­tion plan you’re fol­low­ing, a good start­ing point to en­sure your daily fat in­take is di­vided equally be­tween mo­noun­sat­u­rated, polyun­sat­u­rated and sat­u­rated fat sources,” says Dr John Ber­ardi of Pre­ci­sion Nu­tri­tion. The only type to avoid are trans fats, which are rarely found in nat­u­ral foods but are com­mon in take­aways, snacks and fast foods. They have been linked to se­ri­ous health is­sues in­clud­ing heart dis­ease, can­cer and obe­sity. Read the ad­vice on the right to make sure you’re get­ting the full healthy fat ben­e­fit.

The amount of fat per 100g of av­o­cado. Of that, ap­prox­i­mately 2g is sat­u­rated fat, 2g is polyun­sat­u­rated and 10g is mo­noun­sat­u­rated. The calo­rie count is 160 14g

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