It’s time to bend the rules on con­ven­tional lift­ing tech­nique. THE KB DEEP SQUAT WITH JEF­FER­SON CURL will iron out back pain, fix deskbound mo­bil­ity prob­lems and prime your mus­cles for the big­ger lifts

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How the best mo­bil­ity move you’ve never heard of will help you un­furl new gym PBS

You can stop winc­ing at the sight of that curved spinal po­si­tion. This ex­er­cise for­goes tra­di­tional lift­ing cues such as, ‘keep your back flat’ and ‘squat to 90 de­grees’. In the face of our in­creas­ingly seden­tary life­styles, the time has come for un­con­ven­tional ac­tion. Con­ducted with pur­pose­fully light weights to make th­ese po­si­tions safe, this move will un­lock tight hips flex­ors and ham­strings, switch on ne­glected glutes and strengthen your pos­te­rior chain. In other words, ev­ery­thing you need to fix lower back pain – a prob­lem that af­fects 2.5 mil­lion peo­ple in the UK on a daily ba­sis. And the ben­e­fits don’t seize up there. “By in­creas­ing your range of move­ment around the pos­te­rior chain, it will boost your joint range and max­imise your weightlift­ing po­ten­tial,” says PT Ol­lie Frost of Lon­don’s Reach Fit­ness.

Per­form this ex­er­cise be­fore tack­ling your big lifts and you’ll also fire up the cru­cial mind-to-mus­cle con­nec­tion, for greater strength im­prove­ments without the need for ex­tra reps. Frost rec­om­mends set­ting aside time at the start of your work­out to com­plete this move three times a week. Within 21 days you’ll reap the re­wards of stronger ham­strings and greater pos­te­rior chain mo­bil­ity. That means more weight on the bar come dead­lift day. And no longer get­ting out of a chair like your grandad.


03 INTO THE FOLD When the ket­tle­bell is as low as it will go, lift your hips back up, tuck your chin and lock your legs out. Breathe in this po­si­tion for as long as you can man­age. 02 LOW­EST OF THE LOW Sink into a deep squat, press­ing your knees out wide with your el­bows tucked be­tween them. Re­tract your shoul­der blades to en­sure your back is flat.

04 HOME STRAIGHT Now un­curl your spine one ver­te­brae at a time from the lower back. Fin­ish by un­tuck­ing your chin and ex­tend­ing your neck. Feels bet­ter, doesn’t it?

01 BOX­ING CLEVER Find a ply­o­met­ric box or plat­form that’s just be­low knee height and stand on it with your feet at shoul­der-width. Hold a light ket­tle­bell be­tween your legs.

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