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If your stamina ses­sions have be­come weighed down by dis­tract­ing data from your smart watch, don’t sweat it. Our ex­er­tion scale is the only tracker you need be­cause – as science con­firms – if it feels like hard work, it is.


Warm-up Skip static stretch­ing: stud­ies show it can ham­per en­durance. In­stead, get your joints mov­ing by run­ning your first mile at a gen­tle pace. Con­ver­sa­tions about last night’s GOT should feel like a breeze.


Steady ef­fort Con­ver­sa­tion may come in gasps, but this is where the run­ner’s high lives. By slog­ging at this pace three times a week, you’ll also out­pace men­tal de­cline, the Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh found.


Hard push The real work starts here. Hit­ting the lac­tic thresh­old will have you breath­ing in short, sharp breaths. You’ll force the body to adapt, boost­ing both anaer­o­bic fit­ness and mus­cle strength to help you stay strong.


All- out Burn­ing lungs de­fine the dash to the fin­ish. But think of your abs: ac­cord­ing to the Uni of Arkansas, this is prime ter­ri­tory for sear­ing ab­dom­i­nal fat. Plus, sprints do won­ders for your VO2 max.

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