Man Vs Ma­chine

When tri­alling sports­wear, the lab team use the ‘phos­phate test’ – a bleep test on steroids. Try it for your­self: run 50m as fast as you can eight times with 20sec rest pe­ri­ods, then find your av­er­age score. Use PT Matt Lind­say’s* tips to out­strip Adi­das’

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Av­er­age 10sec/50m

Boost your score with twice weekly tread­mills ses­sions. Start at 8km/h and in­crease the speed by 0.5km/h each minute so you hit 17.5km/h on the 20th. Pro­gres­sively harder ses­sions will de­velop your fit­ness faster.

Good 9sec/50m

At this level, you’re work­ing com­fort­ably in the aer­o­bic zone. Hill sprints will un­lock medal-wor­thy speed. Do six half-mile up­hill sprints on your next run, jog­ging down for re­cov­ery. Two ses­sions a week will amp up your VO2 max, shav­ing sec­onds be­fore the month is out.

Ad­vanced 8sec/50m

Your body will be scorch­ing through its glyco­gen stores, putting you in fat-burn­ing ter­ri­tory. To crank things up one gear fur­ther, strap on a weight vest and re­peat un­til you feel like you can’t go again. Then push harder.

Elite 7sec/50m

At high speeds, your body is un­der five times more pres­sure than usual. But, while speed re­quires you to stay light, com­plet­ing heavy dead­lifts three times a week will build sta­bil­ity in your glutes, ham­strings and an­kles, for a solid base to power your per­for­mance.

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