Sweat Work

As the lab bods know, stay­ing on top of your sweat rate will in­crease stamina to help you go harder, safely. Here’s how

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Sat­u­ra­tion point

Don’t overdo it in your quest to re­place lost flu­ids: wa­ter overload can lead to dan­ger­ous low salt lev­els. Lay off the caf­feine un­til you’ve cooled off, too, as stim­u­lants up sweat rate.

Cool op­er­a­tor

Sweat rate is not re­lated to calo­rie burn. Sweat­ing more gen­er­ally just means your cool­ing sys­tem is ef­fi­cient, mak­ing you well suited to dis­tance runs or other en­durance ex­er­cise.

Heavy sweat­ing

If a hard lift­ing ses­sion has your tank top drenched, don’t worry about it. Testos­terone is linked to sweat rate, so the more mus­cle you have, the big­ger the puddle on the bench.

The dry run

Don’t sweat it if you don’t per­spire much, ei­ther. The num­ber of sweat glands varies by in­di­vid­ual, as does rest­ing body tem­per­a­ture. As long as you’re work­ing hard, you’re in the clear.

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