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Lean­ing out while load­ing up on high­end fast food may sound like a fan­tasy, but by har­ness­ing the fat-sear­ing po­ten­tial of the finest beef cat­tle in the coun­try, Hon­est Burg­ers has made all your weight­loss dreams come true.

Its sup­plier, renowned butcher The Ginger Pig, rears its Longhorn cat­tle on the rain­swept North York Moors for up to 30 months, en­cour­ag­ing a slow mat­u­ra­tion of its beef (es­sen­tial for en­hanc­ing depth of flavour) and pack­ing in mas­sive amounts of body fat-re­duc­ing and testos­terone-boost­ing CLA fatty acids in the process.

Won­der-nu­tri­ent CLA works by su­per­charg­ing your body’s basal metabolic rate, essen­tially help­ing you to con­vert food into en­ergy more ef­fi­ciently. It also stops fat cells in their tracks, in­hibit­ing their growth. And the re­sults are sig­nif­i­cant: in a study pub­lished in The Jour­nal of Nu­tri­tion, test sub­jects adding CLA to their di­ets lost nearly 3kg more fat than those who didn’t. Load­ing up can also flat­ten your risk of type-2 di­a­betes and cer­tain can­cers, as well as boost­ing en­durance dur­ing ex­er­cise.

The cat­tle are then ‘ fin­ished’ on a six-week diet of oats, bar­ley, mo­lasses, home­grown peas and soya pro­tein, which con­tains a full range of es­sen­tial amino acids to pro­mote mus­cle growth, fur­ther help­ing to un­bal­ance your body’s fat-to-mus­cle ra­tio in your favour.

All of which flips a guilty cheat day into the hon­est pur­suit of a sum­mer six-pack. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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