Ex­plore our edit of the best GPS watches to give your car­dio a big push in the right di­rec­tion

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For fun-run­ners and those tar­get­ing 10,000 steps, run- of-the-mill fit­ness track­ers may suf­fice. But true car­dio­heads need a lit­tle more to work with. While your gym pur­suits of­fer a range of crunch­able num­bers (sets, reps, rest, ki­los), run­ning has often been con­stricted to the sim­ple mea­sures of dis­tance and time. Now big data has ar­rived. It’s time to catch up.

GPS watches track your ex­act route with pin­point ac­cu­racy, mea­sur­ing hills climbed and heart-rate zones worked in. They can also cal­i­brate your read­ings de­pend­ing on your pre­ferred mode of train­ing, be that bipedal, two-wheeled or even aquatic. You’ll be lit­er­ally swim­ming in in­for­ma­tion. And when it comes to shav­ing sec­onds – or min­utes – from your long-dis­tance PBS, knowl­edge re­ally is power.

This month the Men’s Health Lab ex­perts took the best GPS watches to the trails. Thank­fully, no lab rats got lost dur­ing test­ing (that would have been ironic) and now they’re back to dish the dirt on the top-end tech set­ting your course for elite en­durance. We’d ad­vise stock­ing up on en­ergy gels...

Here’s how the Men’s Health lab rats put these pow­er­ful pieces of per­for­mance tech through their paces

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