04 The Crunch Time Cu­ra­tive

Blood sugar slides as the af­ter­noon length­ens, but a 3pm pick-me-up needn’t ne­ces­si­tate a car­dio penance post-work. Be­cause be­ing healthy-ish means un­der­stand­ing the slid­ing scale of re­ward, we tasked Bai­ley with un­wrap­ping the facts about ‘fried gold’

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Waitrose Spicy Plan­tain Crisps £1.85

“Plan­tain is packed with vi­ta­mins A and C, potas­sium and di­etary fi­bre, but cru­cially it’s starchy and sa­ti­at­ing like potato, so you won’t feel like you’ve been cheated out of your 3pm treat.”

Walk­ers Salt & Vine­gar 65p

“These con­tain the low­est amount of sugar and a rea­son­able level of fi­bre. Plus, 2g of pro­tein means you will feel slightly fuller and won’t be reach­ing back into the mul­ti­pack straight af­ter­wards.”

Skips Prawn Cock­tail 85p

“The small­est bag size means you’re spared ex­ces­sive calo­ries – at just 78kcal per pack, it’s around the same as

a small ba­nana.”

Dori­tos Cool Orig­i­nal 80p

“De­spite be­ing the low­est in fat, the large pack means that un­less you have steely willpower, you’re prob­a­bly go­ing to end up eat­ing a dou­ble por­tion in one go.”

Walk­ers Wot­sits Re­ally Cheesy 80p

“Not suf­fi­ciently low in calo­ries to spare you guilt, nor high enough in fi­bre to keep you full for very long.”

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