The Move L-sit Hold 10-18 The Move Mus­cle-up

14 Skip your run and jump rope to burn calo­ries faster 18 The point The holy grail of func­tional bar work. Not only will you gain big­ger arms, core strength and end­less plaudits, a study by the Moun­tain Tackle In­sti­tute found it en­gages over 70% of the mu

Men's Health (UK) - - Walking The Line -

The point In­cor­po­rat­ing iso­met­ric holds into your usual core regime has been proven to in­crease over­all strength. Not only that, you’ll be forced to fo­cus on pos­ture, too. The plan Stay on your toes to lift your body­weight. If you tense your up­per body, you’ll for­get about your legs. Point­ing your toes will en­sure you keep your body in a straight line, help­ing you re­tain your bal­ance. You’ll never work as hard without mov­ing a mus­cle.

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