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19 The point When it comes to fat-burn­ing com­pound moves, the tyre flip is sec­ond to none. Get it right and you’ll strengthen your pos­te­rior chain and fire your me­tab­o­lism to keep your fat-loss en­gine tick­ing. Get it wrong and you’ll be left bro­ken on the

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The point If poor wrist mo­bil­ity is stalling your Olympic lifts, the planche may well be the so­lu­tion. By fight­ing against grav­ity – and, in fact, nearly all the laws of physics – this move strength­ens your wrists in one of the most dif­fi­cult po­si­tions to main­tain, de­vel­op­ing in­creased flex­i­bil­ity around the joint. The plan “You need to dis­trib­ute your weight evenly by mov­ing your shoul­ders in front of your hands,” Jack­son ad­vises. “Pulling your shoul­ders back will help you main­tain straight arms, pre­vent­ing you pitch­ing nose-first into the floor.” In other words: no pain, more gains.

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