The Move Su­per­man Press-up The Move Skin The Cat 26 Hu­man Flag “The flag will pro­vide you with Gre­cian god abs” The Move Power Clean The Move Pike-press Up

24 The point Crunches alone won’t give you fully de­vel­oped abs. Lift­ing your whole body off the floor, how­ever, re­quires more than just up­per-body power. The ex­plo­sive­ness of the move means your core has to be con­stantly switched on, oth­er­wise you’ll lose

Men's Health (UK) - - Walking The Line -

The point We’ll be hon­est: this one might take you a while, but stick with it. The ul­ti­mate ‘don’t mind me’ move, the hu­man flag will strengthen your obliques to pro­vide you with Gre­cian god abs, as well as an ap­pro­pri­ately awed crowd of ador­ing spec­ta­tors. The plan If you’re strong enough to get into po­si­tion but can’t quite hold it, you need to give equal love to both the push and pull. “You need to pro­duce max­i­mal op­pos­ing forces with op­po­site arms,” says Jack­son. “The torque that the pull from the top arm and push from the bot­tom arm cre­ates is what lever­ages you up and helps you stay there.”

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