PT / 10.2017 FORM MAS­TER­CLASS Strik­ing is but half the bat­tle – keep­ing your guard un­der pres­sure is crit­i­cal to per­for­mance. Try these three drills with a part­ner in your next spar­ring ses­sion

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A good punch comes from a solid setup – start­ing with your feet. “If you’re off bal­ance, ev­ery­thing else is af­fected,” says Lo­gan. Keep your feet slightly wider than shoul­der­width, your front leg fac­ing 12 o’clock and back leg at 2 o’clock. “Dis­trib­ute your weight 60% on your back leg to 40% on your front. That way, when you throw a punch with your op­po­site hand, there’s more weight be­hind it”. Weight means power.


Ig­nore the pres­sure and try to re­lax. With your back­hand up pro­tect­ing your jaw, keep your jab­bing arm and shoul­der loose. “Only your fist should be tight,” says Lo­gan. Use the large mus­cles in your back to cre­ate the force and twist your wrist as you punch. Be care­ful not to overex­tend.

The jab isn’t just a setup for hay­mak­ing power punches. When used cor­rectly, it is the most dan­ger­ous weapon in your box­ing ar­tillery

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