A vi­cious hy­brid that torches calo­ries at an un­godly rate, THE DEVIL’S P PRESSRE de­liv­ers a leaner physique in min­utes

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Make a deal with the devil to scorch through an un­godly num­ber of calo­ries in one month

The holier-than-thou prin­ci­ples of mod­ish “body and soul” work­outs are all well and good if you’ve got the time. But not ev­ery­one can clear their sched­ules for pre-gym mo­bil­ity. Some­times, last-minute weight-loss plans re­quire a deal with the devil. This calo­rie-torch­ing press is a litany of your least favourite moves. “It’s a burpee, swing and press, all rolled into one,” says PT Tom Bliss. And there’s no re­lief for any muscle group: “The burpee works your legs, glutes, core and chest, while the swing and press hit your back, shoul­ders and arms.”

It’s no di­vine mys­tery how this ex­er­cise burns through calo­ries. De­ployed in high rep counts, it tests your car­dio fit­ness and lifts your me­tab­o­lism by en­gag­ing a wide va­ri­ety of mus­cles. “For a real chal­lenge, try a 12-minute EMOM (ev­ery-minute-on-the-minute) work­out, with eight reps of this move per minute,” says Bliss. If you need to reach the de­par­ture lounge in peak con­di­tion this sum­mer, make this your go-to fin­isher three times a week for the next month. When you’re pressed for time, this beast of a fat­burner will en­sure you make god­like progress. Dig deep to han­dle the heat.


With a dumb­bell in each hand, get into a high plank po­si­tion and per­form a pres­sup. Jump your feet for­ward so they’re at ei­ther side of your hands to cre­ate a solid base. Brace your­self.


Without paus­ing as they pass your shoul­ders, ex­tend your tri­ceps to throw the weights over­head. In the later rounds, thrust from your lower body to ease the pain. A bit.


Ex­tend your hips as you stand up, lift­ing the dumb­bells from be­tween your knees to shoul­der height. This clean is what fires up your glutes to start torch­ing calo­ries in the first rep.


Lock out your arms at the top and con­tract your shoul­ders to max­imise the ben­e­fits. That’s one rep. Take a deep breath and drop back into a press-up po­si­tion. This is go­ing to burn.

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