Men's Health (UK) - - In This Issue - Stephen Ad­jaidoo, run­ning coach

Ev­ery time I go for a run I get a stitch half­way through. Why?

Deep breaths, now. Stitches are more com­mon for peo­ple who take shal­low ones. They’re just a spasm of your di­aphragm.

OK, but what do I do about it?

Press two fin­gers up­wards at the di­rect point of pain for 10 sec­onds. Breathe and keep press­ing to­wards your ribs.

Stretch, too. Most stitches are on the right, so raise your right hand and lean to the left.

That’s bet­ter. Will it come back when I start jog­ging again?

It shouldn’t. Try breath­ing from your belly to take in more air.

Thanks, mate. What can I do be­fore head­ing out in fu­ture?

Avoid high-fat foods pre-run; they take longer to di­gest, which can trig­ger stitches.

No eggs and avo, then?

Just fol­low this for­mula:

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