Ur­ban Re­newal

Be­cause skin ab­sorbs pol­lu­tion par­ti­cles, a day in the city can leave even a green-juice-swill­ing gym fiend with a less-than-whole­some face. These prod­ucts are your epi­der­mal flak jack­ets


01 The Skin Bar­rier Dr Bar­bara Sturm Anti-pol­lu­tion Drops Sturm’s skin-pro­tect com­plex coun­ters the ef­fects of rush hour by shield­ing your face from air­borne grime. It also fights screen-in­duced skin dam­age, in­evitable af­ter a long day at your desk. £105

02 The Eye Pro­tec­tor Oskia City Life I-zone Balm The thin skin around your eyes is an easy en­try point for nas­ties. In­stal ex­tra se­cu­rity with this balm, which con­tains as­tax­an­thin – an an­tiox­i­dant 6,000 times more po­tent than vi­ta­min E. £55

03 The Cleanser Clin­ique for Men Char­coal Face Wash Slough off the par­tic­u­late mat­ter that breaks down your skin’s de­fences for a purer vis­age. This face wash scours it off and sucks it out of pores with­out dam­ag­ing your pro­tec­tive lipid cells. £19

04 The Detox­i­fier Su­sanne Kauf­mann De­fence Sys­tem The best way to beat pol­lu­tion is to have be­gun pro­tect­ing your­self a decade ago. Short of a time ma­chine? This triple at­tack of vi­ta­min C, ec­toin and Q10 un­does years of dam­age in 15 days. £218

05 The Multitasker Lisa Franklin Pol­lu­tion De­fence Cream It’s not just your gut that ben­e­fits from good bac­te­ria: your skin does, too. Con­tain­ing pre­bi­otics to bol­ster your skin’s nat­u­ral shields, this cream pro­tects against elec­tro­mag­netic ra­di­a­tion and hy­drates. £80

06 The An­tiox­i­dant Booster Grown Al­chemist Detox Serum This Aussie serum strength­ens your skin against oxy­gen-, car­bon- and ni­tro­gen-based free rad­i­cals. So, even af­ter a long day dart­ing through grimy traf­fic, you’ll still be look­ing fresh. £43

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