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On rainy Oc­to­ber days, this gym-goer craves noth­ing more than a warm­ing plate of au­tum­nal stodge – but he fears that a pie-eyed wob­ble in his nu­tri­tion plan would mean mak­ing up for it with steamed broc­coli for the rest of the week. This needn’t be the case: armed with only a pan, he can serve up vi­ta­min-rich veg­eta­bles and pro­tein-packed chicken, bathed in bub­bling gravy and co­cooned in puffy carbs. To­gether, they de­liver a well­bal­anced dose of macros and mi­cros at just 372kcal per por­tion. It’s a vir­tu­ous take on the rus­tic sta­ple, and easy as pie to pre­pare.

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