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Age 45, 5ft 7in, 80kg Con­trary to ap­pear­ances, Zayd Shaikh isn’t a life­long ath­lete: worn out by work stress, he took up train­ing at the age of 40. His friends told him that it was too late to make any vis­i­ble progress, but Shaikh was de­ter­mined to feel bet­ter, not sim­ply to look it. Ini­tially, he en­listed the help of a per­sonal trainer. “I wanted to avoid in­juries, so learn­ing proper tech­nique felt im­por­tant,” he says. “And I was cau­tious about find­ing some­one who would adapt the pro­gramme to my age and sched­ule.”

Shaikh now trains for 75 min­utes a day, six times a week. His pro­gramme tar­gets a dif­fer­ent mus­cle group each day to al­low time for re­cov­ery. He con­cen­trates on his legs twice a week; as the largest mus­cles in the body, they pro­vide the high­est fat burn. He has also learned when to push him­self, and what he needs to do to re­cu­per­ate. “I stretch my mus­cles both be­fore and af­ter work­outs,” he says. “If I feel tired, I rest.”

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