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Af­ter A burst of clas­sic, cult bands moulded some­thing new and unique out of hard­core in the early part of the 21st cen­tury, its progress un­de­ni­ably stalled in the in­ter­ven­ing years. But sud­denly, in the last year or so, hard­core has be­gun to stir again in a big way.

“I think that music goes in waves,” says Vein vo­cal­ist An­thony. “It re­ally feels like peo­ple are ready to hear things that are try­ing to push the bound­aries of heavy music again.

We’d love to be con­sid­ered part of that whole move­ment.”

If Vein don’t join the ranks of Code Orange, Oath­breaker, Venom Prison, Em­ployed To Serve and many other stun­ning bands cur­rently re­defin­ing heavy music, then there is some­thing dras­ti­cally wrong. Last year’s split EP with .Gif From God is less than five min­utes long, but pro­duces more ideas in that time than the en­tire ca­reers of many mod­ern hard­core bands, and if An­thony is to be be­lieved, then it’s only the start.

“THE EP IS just a snap­shot of what we can do,” he ex­plains. “We wanted to have all the ideas and turns of pace in there very quickly, but it had to have good songs. When you hear the full-length, it will show many more flavours to what we can do. We want to progress as far as the bands that in­flu­enced us did.

“Our last band didn’t re­ally have the scope to cover the sort of Botch, Con­verge sound that we wanted to in­cor­po­rate,” An­thony con­tin­ues.

“So we de­cided to start this band so that we could ex­per­i­ment with those sounds. We don’t want to sound ex­actly like those bands, and I think that we do bring our own flavour and iden­tity to this music, but that was such an ex­cit­ing time for music that we re­ally wanted to take in­flu­ence from it.”

An­thony be­lieves that Vein and their class of 2017 won’t just be match­ing the likes of Con­verge and Dillinger in the records they re­lease, but in the legacy they leave.

“This group of bands will be the next group that peo­ple re­mem­ber,” he de­clares. “I re­ally be­lieve that. I think that we can all be part of some­thing re­ally spe­cial.”

Vein’s full-length de­but al­bum will land later this year


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