the WorldWired tour in num­bers

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54, 000 the num­ber of gui­tar picks that the band will toss out dur­ing the WorldWired tour 0 the num­ber we caught in toronto 48 the num­ber of trucks re­quired to carry the stage set and equip­ment from city to city 83 the num­ber of laser fix­tures used in the tour’s pro­duc­tion 640 the num­ber of hours that it took

to pro­gram the lasers 0.01 the num­ber of sec­onds it took for us to mar­vel at how cool they were

1 the num­ber of slices of choco­late layer cake we scarfed down in ca­ter­ing when no one was look­ing 9,000,000 the to­tal amount of lu­mens (a unit used to mea­sure the in­ten­sity of light) that

the tour’s pro­duc­tion utilises 1,600 the num­ber of lu­mens in

the av­er­age light bulb 5.45 the com­bined length, in miles, of ca­bles that are used to con­nect and power the tour each night 1 Dis­tance in miles from Ham­mer’s ho­tel room to the rogers cen­tre 2 mem­bers of anvil we spot­ted back­stage 3 the num­ber of times James het­field says ‘famileh’ in his speeches be­fore For Whom The Bell Tolls and Sad But True

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