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Fol­low Me: Kill!

METAL BLADE Ger­man thrash­ers look closer to home for in­spi­ra­tion

Since their 2008 de­but, Freak

In­side, Ger­many’s Cripper have been un­afraid to col­lide thrash with blackened death, with the com­pass point­ing firmly towards chuggy old-school hooks. Back then it was all about strip­ping out Me­tal­lica riffs, and even on 2014’s Hyëna, the opening salvo did a good job of rip­ping off Blackened, but here it’s all about Soulfly and thrash of the 80s Ger­man variety. To their credit, Cripper have got this genre pegged, and their new­est drop is a groovy beast. ‘Res­ur­rect, re­sus­ci­tate’ snarls Britta Görtz on Into The Fire, which has live fave scrawled all over it. Pretty Young Thing loads up De­struc­tion’s bul­let belts ready to cause car­nage in the mosh­pit and Shoot Or Get Shot finds its quick­fire ten­ta­cles reach­ing for the scat­ter­gun. If you’re go­ing to thrash, bet­ter do it prop­erly. And Cripper damn well do. FOR FANS OF: DE­STRUC­TION, SOULFLY, ON­SLAUGHT

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