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Kali Yuga

SELF-RE­LEASED Day­ton, Ohio stoner rock­ers get (s)toked for the end­times

There’s a mo­ment in opener

Blood Moon where one of the vo­cal­ists sounds like he’s about to swal­low his own throat by way of some hor­ri­ble, self-in­duced os­mo­sis. The men­ace crawls back again on

Free Choice, a fran­tic semi-groove of muddy riffs and sweat-spray­ing cym­bal crashes, switch­ing up Maharaja’s Mastodon-y bellow with blood-cur­dling screams that de­mand a full dou­ble­handed grip on the mic. That’s the bonus in hav­ing two dudes who can at­tack from both sides of the vo­cal trench. Kali Yuga will be fa­mil­iar to Matt Pike devo­tees, do­ing that thing where the bass lands like a bull­dozer but the gui­tars have had a tank full of caf­feine. Ouroboros goes full sludge, plough­ing pitch­black depths, but the Red Fang tempo switch on Blaq Magiq Car­pet Ride, Eric Blue­baum’s clos­est thing to singing, is the thrill seeker’s go-to track. FOR FANS OF: HIGH ON FIRE, RED FANG, CONAN

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