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SELF-RE­LEASED Pro­gres­sive Costa Ri­cans go ex­plor­ing with­out a map

With mu­si­cians whose in­flu­ences seem to stretch across metal’s broad spec­trum and a vo­cal­ist who sounds like a death metal juke­box, these Costa Ri­can upstarts have a point to prove, and a seem­ingly lim­it­less space in which to ex­plore. Ul­ti­mately these seven tracks are ex­er­cises in dis­cov­er­ing new en­vi­ron­ments and sounds rather than con­struct­ing any­thing con­crete, though af­ter re­peated lis­tens the tech-death sym­phonies be­gin to ma­te­ri­alise. Trans­mute re­fuses to be con­tained as it shifts from bel­liger­ent riff­ing and gut­tural vo­cals to spacey leads and re­strained fret­work, con­clud­ing with the lush sweep­ing tex­tures En­slaved have made their own.

The Anam­nesic Voy­age (sic) briefly es­capes the bar­rage of foul ex­trem­ity for ex­pres­sive gui­tar work and del­i­cate pick­ing, and de­pend­ing on your con­sti­tu­tion, fol­low­ing the avalanche of riffs and twists of 11-minute closer Delir­ium you’ll ei­ther be en­thralled by the ex­pe­ri­ence or ex­hausted. FOR FANS OF: NE OBLIVISCARIS, BTBAM, BLACK CROWN INI­TI­ATE

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