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years since this photo! It was taken back­stage at the Camden Un­der­world be­fore Hori­zons came out. It’s weird; when we were mak­ing that al­bum we weren’t think­ing, ‘In 10 years’ time this is go­ing to be re­mem­bered!’ We just went about what we were do­ing. There’s very few points in time where we con­sider mile­stones, but look­ing back on this I think it was the point where we re­ally de­liv­ered on what was the orig­i­nal con­cept of the band: play as fast as we can, get in as many break­downs as we can and also be melodic with­out veer­ing too far in any of those di­rec­tions. And I think af­ter Hori­zons we re­alised that we couldn’t go any faster, and we saw in met­al­core that bands were get­ting on the ra­dio, and we didn’t want that clean singing stuff ei­ther. It’s def­i­nitely the al­bum that I’m re­minded of by peo­ple the most – the sound­track to their youth or what­ever – es­pe­cially here in Aus­tralia. It was a big step up from Killing With A Smile and a re­ally cool mile­stone to look back at.”

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