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AN EARLY START means that Eggs Of Go­m­orrh will, for the time be­ing, be lit­tle more than a cu­ri­ously-named enigma to most of tonight’s crowd, but they’re out in force to wit­ness one of ex­treme metal’s hottest names, namely Switzer­land’s BÖLZER [7]. Sadly, the ex­pe­ri­ence isn’t quite up to ex­pec­ta­tions, largely due to a se­ries of tech­ni­cal er­rors that sees front­man KzR first leav­ing the stage for a time to head back­stage and then re­turn­ing to ar­gue at some vol­ume with the en­gi­neer side of stage. Need­less to say, this some­what breaks the tran­scen­dent spell the band achieve on record. Thank­fully, it’s not a com­pletely lost cause, and the lat­ter half of the show sees the duo hit­ting their stride, the hyp­notic and oth­er­worldly na­ture of the dis­so­nant ca­coph­ony cap­tur­ing much of the crowd un­der its spell. Ice­landic black metal pi­o­neers SVART IDAU-DI [8] have been no strangers to the stage in re­cent years and that ex­pe­ri­ence once again shows tonight, the band hav­ing honed their live at­tack into a par­tic­u­larly mus­cu­lar and fo­cused as­sault. Their claus­tro­pho­bic and un­re­lent­ing mu­sic in­evitably loses much of the sub­tlety it might have pos­sessed on record but no one can deny its in­tense and in­vig­o­rat­ing re­sults here – a point vis­i­ble by the re­ac­tion of those as­sem­bled. And so from some of the un­der­ground’s bright­est hopes to the more well es­tab­lished head­lin­ers… At this point, few should be in any doubt as to Fin­land’s ARCH­GOAT’S [9] sta­tus as a bonafide black metal in­sti­tu­tion and both young and more, well, sea­soned fans await in an­tic­i­pa­tion for this un­holy as­sault. Right­fully placed in the up­per ech­e­lon of pri­mal, bes­tial black metal along­side fel­low scene vet­er­ans Blas­phemy, they con­tinue to march for­ward with their di­a­bol­i­cal and sin­gle-minded at­tack. Need­less to say, there’s not a huge amount of dy­nam­ics – sim­ple, in­sis­tent and malev­o­lent-sound­ing riffs form the foun­da­tion of each song, ac­com­pa­nied by an un­fussy bat­tery and those un­mis­tak­able and deep vo­cals, with the oc­ca­sional use of eerie synths, played by the as-ever-in­vis­i­ble synth player. Blur­ring the sonic lines be­tween death and black metal, this is ex­treme un­der­ground metal in its most pure and stripped down form and while they might ex­ist past the tol­er­ance level for some, it’s hard to deny how pow­er­ful the ef­fect is. It helps, of course, that Arch­goat’s song­writ­ing is so on point (cre­at­ing good tunes in such a nar­row frame­work isn’t as easy as it might seem), but more than that it is the sheer con­vic­tion that comes through in the band’s per­for­mance that makes tonight’s set so com­pelling.

Arch­goat’s Lord An­gel­slayer finds

the essence of ex­treme metal

And Dark­ness Nuns, Cunts

Void Lord Of The

Of Lu­cifer Apotheo­sis

Lu­cife­rian Grand Theo­phany Blessed Vulva

Mys­ti­cism Black Mass

c Apoca­lypti


r Tri­umphato

Moon Goat And The Vuohi Day Of Clouds

Black Moon Rise Of The

Satan Ham­mer Of

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