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New Wave

PAVE­MENT EN­TER­TAIN­MENT In­dus­trial metal diehards hang on long af­ter the party’s ended Pow­er­man 5000 are 26 years into a ca­reer that has seen them ar­rive at the re­lease of this, their ninth al­bum. Which makes their ab­so­lute in­abil­ity to learn any new tech­niques, im­prove their song­writ­ing or grow as song­writ­ers or mu­si­cians in any way pretty as­ton­ish­ing.

New Wave is yet an­other al­bum of stomp­ing, in­dus­tri­alised party metal, that at best is all a bit dated and trite, and at worst is des­per­ately dun­der­headed cack that makes Five Fin­ger Death Punch sound like Devin Townsend. So Cult Leader is dopey, but an­noy­ingly catchy, while No White Flags is a po-faced bal­lad that wouldn’t sound out of place be­ing sung by

Jack Black on a Tena­cious D al­bum. Its big­gest crime, though, is the woe­ful David Fuck­ing Bowie, which may have been con­ceived as a trib­ute but will only suc­ceed in mak­ing the late, great artist spin in his grave like a tombola. Go away now. FOR FANS OF: DROWN­ING POOL, FIVE FIN­GER DEATH PUNCH, ROB ZOM­BIE


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