Brazil­ian trio stir some mu­si­cal and so­cio-po­lit­i­cal pots

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Brazil’s Deafkids used to be a sin­gle kid. Be­fore be­ing joined full-time by the mem­bers of his live line-up – drum­mer Mar­i­ano and bas­sist Marcelo – in 2014, it was a one-man project, started in 2010 by multi-in­stru­men­tal­ist Dou­glas. He was solely re­spon­si­ble for two full-lengths and three EPs of im­mer­sive d-beat punk, noise rock, harsh in­dus­trial and psy­che­delic ex­per­i­men­tal­ism. “Deafkids is a sonic dis­charge: loud, en­er­getic, psy­che­delic, ag­gres­sive, wild,” says Dou­glas. “The name came out of some­thing I was writ­ing when plan­ning this project; some­thing like, ‘blind, dumb and deaf kids of a blank gen­er­a­tion’. We’re kids who still haven’t learned how to deal with our­selves and the so­cial and po­lit­i­cal world that sur­rounds us, es­pe­cially in Brazil where our his­tory is bru­tal and has been erased and ma­nip­u­lated.”

Deafkids are go­ing to have to learn to deal with an im­pend­ing pro­file uptick cour­tesy of Neu­rot Records, the la­bel op­er­ated by post­metal el­der states­men, Neu­ro­sis. Their lat­est al­bum, Con­fig­u­ração do La­mento, orig­i­nally saw lim­ited re­lease last year via a scat­ter­shot col­lec­tion of small la­bels and the band them­selves. Neu­ro­sis gui­tarist/vo­cal­ist Steve von Till dis­cov­ered Deafkids on­line and he and his band­mates were im­me­di­ately on­board with work­ing with the in­dus­tri­ous Brazil­ians.

“We were sur­prised like hell!” Dou­glas laughs. “It’s still sur­real and spe­cial. We feel hon­oured and very happy be­cause this record is some­thing spe­cial for us in cre­ation and con­cept, mu­si­cally and per­son­ally. The ini­tial idea was to cre­ate in­creas­ingly fre­netic and rhyth­mic sounds, some­thing more bodily than men­tal, as a nat­u­ral con­tin­u­a­tion of our pre­vi­ous re­lease. The theme ex­plored on this al­bum – about how we per­pet­u­ate Brazil’s cul­ture of ex­ploita­tion and de­pro­gram­ming our minds of that – came nat­u­rally and to­gether with the sound we wanted to cre­ate. It was also the first time we com­posed and cre­ated to­gether, the first time we recorded in a qual­ity stu­dio and the first time we recorded an en­tire al­bum in ba­si­cally six hours!”

Deafkids: brace your brain

LINE-UP: Dou­glas (gui­tar/vo­cals), Mar­i­ano (drums), Marcelo (bass)

HOME­TOWN: São Paulo, Brazil

SOUNDS LIKE: A pneu­matic ham­mer shat­ter­ing pre­con­cep­tions of what­ever avant-garde means

FOR FANS OF: Swans, Con­trolled Bleed­ing, Full Of Hell

CUR­RENT RE­LEASE: Con­fig­u­ração do La­mento (Neu­rot, 2017)

WEB­SITE: deaf­kid­­

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